Case Studies

Reaper Apparel Co

“Beginning a new clothing brand I was way over my head with the marketing. I think every new brand owner has a few ideas of what they want and how to execute it, but then you hit a wall of how to get it out to the customers. Spencer came in at a time I was lost and did not know how to further push my brand. He showed me the workings of the marketing end and how to achieve success online. He helped me find my visions in a successful way and taught me how the process works, from the ads to the emails. The main problem with a brand is ignorance. He showed me in a way I needed how to properly build and sustain a brand, send out marketing materials that were effective to customers so they wanted to buy and how to funnel ads directly to my targeted audience. I feel so much more confident in my brand knowing he is showing me the proper structure and how to build and grow at a sustainable rate with results.”

 -Dan, Founder of Reaper Apparel Co

Keepers Only

“PSM has helped me turn my business into something that didn’t seem possible in the beginning of 2022. Working with Spencer I was taught how to run ads and more importantly know if they are performing well based on analytics. PSM has also taught me how to run successful email campaigns as well as email automations that drive sales. I have gotten so well rounded in using the tools that I have!”

– Derek, CEO of Keepers Only

Alpha Co Apparel